Oystercatcher | Aberlady

A full renovation, re planning and re presentation of an existing dilapidated 1960’s house.

The ambition for this project was to transform the way in which this house worked internally whilst re-presenting the form and finishes of the exterior to re-present the building as a new build property. The original entrance and internal stair was re-located to centralise and condense the circulation, claiming back the circulation zones to give this valuable floor area back to the rooms within.

The Open plan zones of the house are located to connect with the south facing garden and whilst the client wanted the open plan feel, they were also keen to retain a sense of separation between zones to suit their busy family requirements. Cleverly positioned half height walls and changes in levels retained the open aspect whilst creating a sense of division. The ceilings within the living areas were removed to take advantage of the mono pitched roof, creating a raked ceiling that introduced a vertical connection with the snug rooms, bedroom and a study within the first floor extended rooms.

Through careful removals of external walls and cutting down of existing windows, the building was re-presented as two simple contemporary forms. The original portion being rendered as a crips white triangle and the extended portion presented as a cedar clad timber triangle.

Design Team
Structural Engineer: Create Engineering
Main Contractor: Self Build
Photography: Douglas Gibb