How We Work

The journey is broken into 5 stages. We will guide you through each part, ensuring that you are informed, and your hopes are delivered upon.


Feasibility & Survey

The initial stage of the project is about understanding your wants and needs. We typically meet with you over a coffee and discuss your ambitions. We then we carry out a survey of the property to create accurate plans and take note of any existing site elements.

Next, we produce a series of plan options to explore the different opportunities and provide outline budget information. These options test connections between the site, planning context, existing structures, and views.

Approximately 4 weeks


In this stage we refine the initial plans based on your selection and begin to three dimensionally model the space. This helps us define the form and the relationship to the context as well as testing materials and how light moves through the spaces.

At this stage we suggest the engagement of a cost consultant or a builder to ensure your ambitions meet the budget. We will also typically advise of any further consultants that may be required at this stage.

Approximately 4 weeks


Here we produce a conclusive pack of information defining how we have responded to the planning context. This includes a dedicated planning set of drawings and a Design and Access Statement as well as co-ordinating any supplementary information required by the council. If the application is controversial or a new build, there may be an outline planning application to establish the principles of the proposals before progressing to a detailed planning application.

During this stage we can produce photorealistic and VR imagery to ensure that the vison for the project excites you.

Approximately 4 weeks to submission. Planning determination typically takes 8 weeks.

Technical Design: Warrant & Tender

This is broken into two substages, the submission of information to the local council for a building warrant and the packaging of the information for a contractor to price the project.

This takes the planning information and overlays a further level of detail to show how the proposals comply with the current building regulations. This is an iterative process working with the local authority to define the energy performance, fire strategies and structural solutions.
This stage will typically require the appointment of a structural engineer and mechanical and electrical designer.

Approximately four weeks to warrant submission. Timescales for warrant approval vary.

At this stage we finalise the selection of the various products and internal finishes to allow the contractor to arrive at a robust price. This involves the production of detailed technical drawings and schedules to ensure the design intent is realised. We have a selection of contractors that we have worked with over many years, who we trust and can recommend, however we always look forward to working with new people.

Approximately four weeks to produce information for submission to a contractor. It then typically takes four weeks to receive the prices back from the contractor.


Once the price is agreed a formal contract is put in place the construction can begin. We will typically co-ordinate the contract and ensure the statutory approvals are in place. We then carry out inspections of the work to ensure everything is going according to plan and within the agreed timescales.

Once the construction is complete, we liaise with the contractor to gather the final certificates to allow occupation. Then it is back to you, and you can start enjoying!